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February 08, 2005

Shearers and Shefflers

I've recently had inquiries from more than one Shearer/Sheffler descendant. One said she'd started some genealogy work on her Shearers but that there were "too many" Shearers in the Westmoreland area. I suppose that made the whole project a little daunting.

In jest I replied that there were also "too many" Shefflers around there too. This all in quotes because, well, heck, there can never be "too many" Shefflers, right? And Shearers for that matter.

There is a double Sheffler-Shearer connection, by the way.

Nora Belle Sheffler (b. 1881) and Clara Mae Sheffler (b. 1883) were daughters of Cyrus F. Sheffler, he himself the son of Jacob A. Sheffler.

Nora Belle married John Howard Shearer (b 1879), and Clara Mae married Howard's brother Frank Shearer (b. 1881).

I only see two children for Frank and Clara Mae, but Howard and Nora Belle had thirteen children in all.

Yep, lotsa Shearers...


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