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February 24, 2005

What the Heck are all the "Subscriptions" About??

Notice on the right hand side now you can "subscribe" to this blog site in a number of ways.

You can enter your email address and each time there is a new post here, like this one, it will be sent to you via email, with a link back to here.

Or if you have a My Yahoo personalized page or a My MSN page, you can add this site as live content, right where you have your News and Sports and Movies, etc.

The heading from the last few articles will be displayed in a "Digging Up The Shefflers" box just like the other content sources on your page. SIMPLE! Just click on the appropriate button for either.

And finally, for those of you savvy enough at this point to have RSS or Atom enabled Agregators, you can get my feed URL with that XML button.

There's a flavor for every customer here.

The important thing is that you can now stay up to date, without too much hassle.

Have new articles pop up where you would like to see them so you don't have to hunt down this site every day. Or week. Or... ?

Just doing my duty!


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