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March 22, 2015

Sheffler Administrative Stuff!!

Hi there!  This blog has lain dormant for quite a while, and it was brought to my attention that some links have died or been maimed in the interim.

I jumped into action today to make sure that the email address at bottom right, don [at] sheffler [dot] org, is actually functional.  And it is now functional.

Don't know about the mailing list through bloglet yet, don't know about the RSS feed buttons either.  Checking on all those as we go.

For those of you who landed here today, I am Don Sheffler, a descendant of George Sheffler (b. about 1779) through his son Frederick born 1808 if I'm remembering correctly.

Back when I quite severely cut back my family research efforts a decade ago, my 6th cousin once removed, Ed Sheffler, had a blog about his Sheffler line through George Sheffler's oldest son Johannes born 1801, again if I am remembering correctly.  This is Ed's,

Life moves us around a bit and I've had about 10 years of other more urgent activities to attend to, raising up the kids, changing careers around, etc.  So although I have an almost alarmingly robust chest of files and such, documenting my somewhat intense five years of research 2000-2005, I have not waded through it daily and nightly as I used to do.

I am glad to look things up, though!  The email is now valid again.

Feel free to look through the individual family line blogs starting with George Sheffler.  Although the blogs only go another couple generations below George, I do have, as I said, an almost alarmingly robust chest of files for most of the lines.

I'll try to get back here more often!


At July 06, 2015 3:22 PM, Blogger https://whencewecame-dougherty said...

Hello Don! I am so happy to find you. I am a descendant of Frederick and Jacob Sheffler as well, through Jacob's daughter Mollie. Her name was actually Mary Elizabeth Sheffler, although everyone called her Mollie or Molly. I have some great newspaper articles I can share as well as family photos of some of Molly's descendants.

I found this blog after I found a query posted by you on Ancestry, about Ada Jane Sheffler. My grandfather told me that his grandmother's name was Mary Morris, but the only family that made sense according to everything I found was Jacob Sheffler and Mary Erret. Now, thanks to your query I know that she married Edward Morris in 1886, and that is the only name my grandfather knew other than Sheffler.

I have a public tree on Ancestry, I don't use their paid service, so a lot of my sources look like unsourced citations. I just haven't gotten around to creating the citations yet.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Akron, Ohio

At July 06, 2015 3:35 PM, Blogger Don Sheffler said...

Hi Susan, glad to hear from you. Some time ago I did eventually hear from a descendant of Ada's, which was a welcome surprise, and I received some info from her about that line. I'd love to talk to you more about your line of Mollie's. You can email me at Don@Sheffler.org or at my personal address donsheffler@yahoo.com


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